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I am located in Corpus Christi, Texas and my passion is art in all forms. All my painted rocks are individual creations, no two alike. You can browse through my collection in the shop area and I can take on line orders with payment via PayPal.


As well as the rocks in my collection, I am happy to paint any size rock to order with these images, if there is any other image you would like painted then please contact me, I can not promise to paint everything but I am quite willing to entertain requests if at all possible. You can create very personal and customised gifts for your family and friends.


Only the highest quality materials are used, painted rocks may take several coats of paint to achieve the necessary finish and all work gets a protective coating to keep them in pristine condition.


All my rocks are hand painted so each one is slightly different. The rocks displayed in the pictures are samples that have been custom created for others, so although any rock ordered will be a similar design there will be subtle differences in the finished item.


My rocks are divided into various categories:



These are rocks featuring Kokopelli, a mythical being found in the southwest carved and painted on rocks and pottery. In native American Indian folklore ,a Kokopelli is said to travel from village to village with a bag of songs on his back. Kokopelli is a symbol of happiness, good fortune, and good health and dates back over 1200 years. These rocks from Cara are in different colors but all feature Kokopelli playing his flute. Egyptian: These rocks from Cara feature ancient Egyptian scenes. Often using a lot of gold color they feature the scenes of this ancient empire from Scarabs to Pharoes.



Based on cave drawings these rocks from Cara show caveman scenes or other items from antiquity.


Lady Bugs, Dragonfly and Koi Fish are just some of the critters featured in Cara's Critter Collection of rocks.

Exclusive Collection:

From time to time exclusive rocks are featured, these are totally one of a kind rocks covering all sorts of scenes, once sold they are not repeated.

So please take a look through my collection by clicking on the Shop menu button, just place your cursor over any picture to pop up a larger version. If you see something you like but want it done in a slightly different way or for it to be personalised then just use the contact form to contact me.

Let's See My Work

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See What My Clients Are Saying ?

Your creativity is wonderful. I am inspired by what you have done with your art!!

Cara, I love your art work...and the good thing is that your 'rocks' can enhance the garden, the yard...or even the indoors of one's home.

Love the variety of painted rocks. You do very nice job in painting them. Keep up the good work.

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